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Monday, December 6


One day theres a man who has been suffering badly form allergies his wife told him  to do some check up at the clicnic n take some medicine..
so he went to the clinic with his wife..his wife waited outside..
the man:" really in pain..i cant sleep at body is soo not            comfortable at all!
Doctor:"Ok..ill give u some medicine...n after this u go back home..before u sleep tonight open all ur windows n ur balcony doors...tomorrow let see again hw u doing..."
The man n his wife went back home,he asked his wife to open all the windows....
..Next early in the morn...
The man came to see the doctor
Doctor:"So hw was it?...did the alergic gone away??"
The man:"NO Doctor!..but my telivision,laptops n my wife jeweleries were GONE!!
Doctor:"errrr.......... hahahahaha

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